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As a 48 year old Flight Attendant, I know the obstacles of securing a position in the field of aviation. Being a Flight Attendant had been a lifelong dream which finally came to be three years ago when I was hired by a national airline. I longed for this position for many years and many reasons. I enjoy customer service, and more importantly, I love to fly. These are obviously the two most important requirements of anyone seeking a position as a Flight Attendant. This is a very unique field and one that becomes quite addictive. Being a Flight Attendant is exhilarating, rewarding, and yes, sometimes exhausting. Once you have been in this job, most would find it difficult to remove themselves from the grasp. For a vast majority of Flight Attendants, both male and female, this job offers a career unmatched in many ways to any other. The advantages range from the flexibility of schedules to an average of 12-20 days off a month to unlimited travel benefits. This is no longer a field for only the young, unmarried female. There are a large number of male Flight Attendants as well as the 40 plus age group. Most airlines beg for the older, more mature candidates. Age is no longer an obstacle as well as the previous, restrictive height and weight requirements. Anyone interested in becoming a Flight Attendant should not let any of these restrictions stand in their way. This job does take immense physical and mental stamina, but is a most rewarding career. Go for it, you will succeed.

This Program will assist you in realizing your dreams. It worked for me and it will work for you, too.

Susan Johnson

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